SiteCatalyst Secret #1 – Edit multiple suites & variables at once

By fraser, September 20, 2013

When I visit various companies I find a lot of Web Analysts aren’t aware of some shortcuts that can be found when administering SiteCatalyst. I’m going to collate a few of the ones that people are genuinely very pleased to hear about.

Edit multiple suites at once

I remember when I found this out by accident it was a bit of a revelation. It was never publicised by Omniture and maybe they just thought it obvious. The old interface of Omniture was not slick as the Adobe version is now, so far from obvious. Editing props, eVars, menu’s the long way, suite-by-suite was a long arduous task of lists, screen grabs and multiple browser windows.

Some of you will just think duh, like, this is obvious stuff! but many folks still don’t know this is possible.

Select Suites

  • So when in report suite manager, hold CTRL key on Windows or the CMD on Mac
  • Select the suites you want to compare or edit
  • Select something like Traffic > Traffic Variable

In this example I have setup for you I have selected three suites. I want all the suites to be consistent as they are country specific. The sites are identical. This means I want all the props here labelled the same.

After selecting the three suites by following the steps above, I can now see my props. SiteCatalyst will compare the each suite and any differences in labeling will show up as multiple.


  • Click one of the multiple links

Multiple Selected

A pop-up is shown, I can clearly see what the differences are for this prop (prop1) between the suites. I have forgotten to update my dev suite naming to be consistent with my live suites.

I want to now make prop1 consistent with the two live suites.

  • Copy the text of the suite that is accurate
  • Then close the pop-up

Close pop up window

  • Then click next to the multiple link to bring the text field in focus
  • Paste the copied value into the text field. This will have updated all three suites with the value you have now pasted


  • Click Save

You can click expand to check that the three suites are currently the selection. You can now see that prop1 has the new value.

Thoughts & Summary

If you administer Omniture and have not yet noticed you can edit multiple suites like this, you will save a serious amount of time. It’s very useful for making sure labeling, menus and variable allocation are consistent.

Some items you can’t edit across multiple suites through the Edit Settings drop down. Updating ‘Menu Items’ will ask you to select a master report suite so just make sure you get your menus correct in one suite before you replicate them to others. ‘Default Metrics’ for some reason you can only edit one suite at a time.

Hope this was of some use and look out for SiteCatalyst Secret #2

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