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Is Adobe the most boring company in the world? ;)

By fraser, September 20, 2013

For the last 7/8 years I have been calling Adobe Marketing Cloud “Omniture”. It has long been engrained in my consciousness and is still in my view the analytics package called, OMNITURE / SiteCatalyst / Discover.

Adobe have been slowly rebranding. We have seen some great improvements in interface usability (dashboards for example). We’ve recently seen a change in the sidebar navigation and a reduction of items in the header which are now under the star icon. Small steps but I think overall the consolidation is good.

3 years in from when Adobe acquired Omniture, my fears are now suppressed that the “Adobe Effect” would destroy the Omniture architecture and make it worse than it was. The reason for this fear? When Adobe bought Macromedia in 2005 they made a right old hash of things. In one move to update the software and installation process, they rendered operating systems incapable of ‘operating’. Freshly bought software was useless, it wouldn’t install. I remember buying Illustrator only to find it was completely corrupted. The support response was “you need to reinstall your operating system if you had previous versions of Illustrator, or any trial versions”. Long story short, I had to get a cracked version, which installed perfectly! The official paid version went in the metaphorical bin.

I guess Adobe had full hands, fighting fires through the Macromedia transition, leaving little time to think about changing the well known software titles that Macromedia created. Or maybe, there wasn’t a ‘cloud’ in the sky? Today we still have Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Director etc and clearly as identifiable as they were many years ago.

So why is Adobe changing the product names of the-equal-stature Omniture?

A need to consolidate into a unified serviced offering is no doubt the reason. With everything moving to SaaS model, the need to uniquely identify applications needn’t be as essential when selling boxed products. Everything needs to fit nicely into the service, But JEEZ!… Were the product creative teams fired!? Was all responsibility handed over to the health and safety inspector? It’s all as about as enthusiastic as Droopy Dog operating an elevator!

  • Omniture – Most of us still call it Omniture. We must say it about 15 times a day. It’s three syllables, quick to say, easy to identify
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud – 7 silly-balls later, i’m farking bored. I can’t even abbreviate it to ‘The Cloud’ as everything is called the damn cloud. Now repeat 15 times
  • SiteCatalyst or SiteCat – Clearly identifiable. “Can you pull me a report from SiteCat” – My affectionate name “Shite Cat”, just not witty as once was
  • Reports & Analytics – Is this now the name of SiteCatalyst? or is SiteCatalyst called “The Adobe Marketing Cloud”? I don’t know, it’s all too beige to comprehend!
  • Discover – Sure sounds exciting doesn’t it!? What might we find? We could find a gold nugget here! Quickly, Let’s Discover!
  • Ad Hoc Analysis – Yeah, I might have a look at it. Maybe when i’ve finished playing Candy Crush ‘n’ picked my nose a bit

What’s next? Test & Target: rebranded as “Try As You Might”? DataWarehouse: “database”?

The only people who’ll start calling *yawn* The Adobe Marketing Cloud — “The Adobe Marketing Cloud”, are the young people who didn’t know what Visual Sciences or Omniture was/is.

Conversations across the open plan offices will be something like this: (if not already are)

Aged Manager: “Can you get me something from SiteCatalyst?”,
Yoof: “What’s SiteCatalyst?”,
Aged Manager: “I mean The Cloud?”,
Yoof: “Which Cloud?”,
Aged Manager: “The” *yawns*, “the” *coffee*, “er” *ponders saying Marketing Cloud* “The Adobe Marketing Cloud!”,
Yoof: “sure, what do you want?”,
Aged Manager: “I want to see the conversion events from this IP address”,
Yoof: “Can I get this from Reports & Analytics?”,
Aged Manager: “Of course, Where else?”,
Yoof: *returns* “I can’t see IP in Reports & Analytics, it must be an Ad Hoc report?”,
Aged Manager: *Sigh* “Of course it’s an ad-hoc report, I didn’t ask for it to be automated”,
Yoof: “No I mean, it has to be an ad-hoc report from Adobe Ad Hoc Analysis, right?”,
Aged Manager: “Right okay, yes, you mean Discover. Indeed you will have to get it from there”,
Yoof: “What’s Discover?”,
Aged Manager: “The place where my soul went”

So could Adobe be the most boring company in the world? Probably. With such boring and nondescript rebranding, they have introduced confusion to a part of the world that does not need any more. To actually describe what you want and where it should come from, now is difficult and verbose.

Keep up the good work on the interface but leave the rebranding to someone with a pulse please :).

Thoughts & Summary

I’m going to stick with saying “Omniture”, “SiteCatalyst” and “Discover” to the point I need a beige rebrand, pipe and slippers.

In all serious… Have you converted yet? In your company are you saying Omniture or the other? Comments open below

targetier has specialised in Adobe Omniture implementation for the past 8 years. Please feel free to get in touch if you are in need of consultancy services


  1. fraser says:

    Just noticed Test & Target is now called ‘Adobe Target’ – Genius! :)

  2. MitchellT says:

    Mostly we still call it Omniture, but never Adobe-anything. Sometimes I call it SiteCatalyst, trying to remove it from the old Omniture name. I agree with your slant that these name changes are rather unnecessary.

  3. fraser says:

    There are quite a few marketing clouds out there now. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the obvious one that springs to mind. Many companies run Salesforce and Omniture which might add some confusion to the mix.

    Adobe probably want us to say the ‘Adobe Reports and Analytics’, or ‘Adobe Target’. Without ‘Adobe’ it is too generic to be identifiable. WIth, it is just too long and annoying to say.

    It has been dumbed it down too much to be of any use. I know a couple of large companies who have put out official memos to clarify that it will still be called Omniture for communication purposes. If that is going to be common across most companies then ‘Fail’ will be on the Adobe product teams review :)

What do you think?

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