targetier was created by Fraser Kemp. I specialise in implementing Adobe Analytics and various other web tracking tools for major companies.

I have worked professionally within web development and e-commerce since 1998.

My love of Web Analytics came through managing large European/US e-commerce websites. I found it very enjoyable thinking of a program, product or campaign to push then gauging success through Web Data.

9 years ago I moved to away from e-commerce and solely focused on Web Analytics implementation. At this time I have programmed Omniture (Adobe) tracking for around 150 websites, mobile sites and applications.

I thrive on taking new requirements and delivering projects which benefit my colleagues and customers.

What is targetier?

It’s my business, but more than that. It’s quite personal. It’s my career but my hobby and an intrinsic part of my life. It’s built from many years of graft, friendships and business relationships.

targetier is here to share some of my knowledge, converse with people in my profession and a place to just splurge nonsense if I see fit. There might be some stupid comments, some useful info, maybe some bragging when I am trying to get some new business. Whatever targetier is or will be I hope it’s useful, informative and lighthearted.

targetier is never going to be a global agency. It’s just me!



Any thoughts, opinions and experiences expressed on this website are my own and do not reflect the thought, opinions or experiences of my clients or any of the companies that I reference.

If I like or don’t like something, this is targetier’s own view and should not be received in any other way.